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3rd FARO Meeting Bali, 2018

ABOUT 3rd  Federation of Asian Organisations for Radiation Oncology (FARO) Annual Meeting, 6-8 September 2018

Sharing. Empowering. Strengthening.

Over the time, surgery, radiotherapy & chemotherapy still become the main modalities for cancer treatment. The optimal results can be achieved in solid tumors through combination of these together. Therefore, to empower and to increase the capacity if Asian Resources towards Comprehensive Cancer treatment, strong cooperation between all parties: medical experts, paramedics, supportive groups, incuding providers and administrative /regulatory stakeholders are the key to achieve optimal results for the patients.

Plenary Lectures

  • Current issues in cervical cancer radiotherapy
  • Advanced technology in breast cancer radiotherapy
  • Paradigm shift in NPC radiotherapy toward better outcome and quality of life
  • Quality assurance for advanced technology in radiotherapy

Updating New Insight in Radiation Oncology Technology

  • Cognitive function preservation in CNS radiotherapy
  • Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer: what’s next?
  • Current update for radiotherapy in Lung Cancer
  • Timing for surgery and radiotherapy in rectal cancer
  • The emerging role of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) in management of HCC
  • The role of SABR in Oligometastatic disease
  • Controversies of dose fractionation scheme in Prostate Cancer: which one is the best?
  • Image-guided brachytherapy: toward more conformal brachytherapy
  • Toward personalised radiotherapy in cancer treatment

Toward a comprehensive cancer care and other issues

  • Palliative care in cancer treatment
  • Nutritional support for cancer patients
  • Health economics perspective: is radiotherapy indeed a cost effective treatment?
  • Writing for publication: how to get your paper accepted in international journal?

Contouring Class & Treatment Planning Competition (*Limited seat available)

Leadership Development Program (** Limited seat, nominated by FARO member countries, FARO travel grants are available)

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